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    Outdoor business signs are a way of announcing the presence of your store to the world. An outdoor custom sign is a marker, a signature, and an extension of your brand.

    Because this kind of signage is so highly visible, it is important to choose the right kind of outdoor sign for your business.

    There is an entire language of outdoor signs - what is different between a pylon sign, a monument sign, and channel letters?

    And how do you know which one will be a good fit for your company? Read on to find out...

    Monument Signs:

    Monument signs are the perfect sign for making a statement about your business. These freestanding, easy-to-spot signs are large and solid looking, typically made out of materials like stone, brick, carved sign foam, or aluminum. The only limitation on monument sign designs and looks is your creativity!

    These big signs work best for businesses that have a little space. Medians, lawns, and landscaped areas near your entrance are best for monument signs.

    Illuminated Pylon Signs:

    While monument signs tend to be sturdy and low to the ground, pylon signs are all about height. A pylon sign is any outdoor sign that is mounted on a high pole or pylon structure. Pylon signs for shopping centers often feature more than one business, with each company getting its own acrylic sign face area.

    Pylon signs for solo businesses work well when you want to be seen from a distance, pylon signs are particularly useful for businesses near a highway or roadside attractions. Pylon signs work well when they are illuminated from within.

    Pylon signs usually soar high above your business location. For shopping centers, they resemble giant monument signs where the individual company may choose to attach a marker to a skinny pole. These get attention from motorists who are still a long way away.

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